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The Success Of A Home Workout Program By Setting The Right Goals


Everyone who starts a home workout program has the same goal of becoming trim and fit. There is one significant difference with this goal, however, that makes all the difference between reaching that goal and giving up. If you want to keep your workout videos off the shelf and reach your goal once and for all, set a series of short-term goals you will be determined to achieve.

Establish An Objective With Progress You Can Track

Sometimes, even the smaller goals can seem like a long way away. To keep up your drive and determination, make all of your goals something that you can measure and record.

Set a specific weight goal and measure it by standing on a scale. You can also set a size target and use a measuring tape to track your progress. You can then keep these measurements in a notebook or in a place you see all of the time like your refrigerator for example.

Set A Series of Precise Short-Term Goals

The only way to reach a goal with a home workout program is to know exactly what that goal is and how you plan to get there. To start, make sure your overall objective has a tangible and definite end. Then, take this large goal and break it into manageable pieces by setting specific short-range goals. This allows you to realize the progress you have made and will have a specific end to look forward too.

Make Realistic Targets

Setting a target that is virtually impossible to achieve is like entering a race with no finish line; if you know you will never make it to the end, there isn't much point in trying. Setting an unachievable goal when using a home workout program can also have negative effects on your health and your body.

Give Tempting Rewards

Although reaching a goal is a great reward all on its own, give yourself an extra reward that will make it extremely hard to put down the workout videos and give up on your home workout program. This could be anything from dinner in your favorite restaurant or one of your favorite activities that you do not get to enjoy often. A good reward will give you an extra boost to help keep you motivated until you reach the next milestone.

Just like many group fitness membership programs, Vince workout videos come with a fitness coach to keep you motivated, except it is you instead of someone else. This is fantastic because it allows you to set short-term goals that suit your lifestyle and personality perfectly. By making these goals specific, and sticking to your 10 minute trainer workouts, you will greatly increase your success with a home workout program.